"I have been coming to Margie Shinkle for massage for over a year. What I appreciate most about Margie's massage expertise is her ability to focus in on my specific problem areas so that I can experience positive results in a very short period of time. A broken toe resulted in problems with calf and thigh tightness on the affected side that was relieved immediately by the massage I received. In addition, I experienced increased comfort following massage for a severe tendonitis in the elbow caused by repetitive motion with the computer. As a result of my experience with Margie, I highly recommend her to my own clients."
Dee Petersen, RN, MA, Wellness Consultant
"When I am in season I run 90 - 110 miles per week.  Last spring, while in the thick of it, I started to get overuse injuries.  Marjorie helped me with massage, stretching and education.  I was able to stick to my racing schedule and had a very successful racing season.  Thank you, Marjorie!"

​Annette Bednosky, Ultra Endurance Runner

"After a car accident, I was treated at Ashe Massage Center by Marjorie Shinkle for severe neck pain.  I could not turn my head and was in constant pain.  Marjorie is a highly trained professional and does excellent work.  I had less pain and increased range of motion even after the first session.  I would highly recommend her."

Rita Johnson, West Jefferson

“ …our office has utilized the services and talents of Ashe Massage Center and experienced terrific feedback from our patients that received massage therapy and/or medical massage.”

Derek McClure, MSN, APRN-BC
Family Nurse Practitioner